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5 Things to Know About Utility Line Location in Calgary

By Jeremie Houle

December 1, 2023


Calgary is a bustling city with ongoing construction and development projects. Whether you’re a homeowner planning renovations or a contractor overseeing a commercial build, understanding utility line location is crucial to ensure safety and avoid costly disruptions. In this guide, we’ll explore the key things you need to know about utility line location in Calgary.

Aerial view of Calgary city

Why Utility Line Location Matters

Before digging or excavating for any project, it’s essential to locate utility lines accurately. Calgary’s underground infrastructure includes water, sewer, electrical, and gas lines. Striking any of these lines can result in dangerous situations, service interruptions, and costly repairs. Hiring professional utility locators ensures the safety of your project.

Expert checking utility line in Calgary

Professional Utility Locators in Calgary

When it comes to utility line location, relying on experts is the best choice. In Calgary, there are reputable private line locators like A Safe Choice Locators who specialize in accurate locating services. These professionals use advanced equipment and follow industry best practices to pinpoint utility lines with precision.

Accurate Fiber Optic Cable Locating

One critical aspect of utility locating is fiber optic cable location. In Calgary’s growing digital landscape, precise fiber optic cable locating ensures uninterrupted connectivity for businesses and residents alike. Professional locators have the expertise and technology to handle this crucial task.

Expert overseeing digging process for utility line location

The Call Before You Dig Process

Calgary follows the “Call Before You Dig” process, which requires you to contact Alberta One-Call before any excavation. This step is vital to prevent accidental damage to utility lines. Utility locators will respond to your request and mark the locations of underground utilities within your project area.

The Benefits of Accurate Utility Line Location

Accurate utility line location offers several benefits


Safety is paramount. Accurate locating ensures the safety of workers, contractors, and the public during construction or excavation.

Cost Savings

Avoiding utility line damage through precise location saves you from costly repairs and project delays.

Legal Compliance

Following Calgary’s regulations and guidelines for utility locating keeps you in legal compliance.

A Safe Choice Locators: Your Calgary Utility Locating Experts

When it comes to utility line locations in Calgary, trust A Safe Choice Locators. Our experienced team specializes in accurate underground utility locating, including gas line locatingwater line location, and electrical line location. We follow industry best practices, ensuring safety and efficiency in your projects.


Understanding utility line location is crucial for any project in Calgary. Prioritize safety, cost savings, and legal compliance by hiring professional private utility locator like A Safe Choice Locators in Calgary. With their years of expertise, you can navigate the complex underground infrastructure with confidence. If you’d like to learn more about the pricing of such services or would like to ask questions about your specific project fill in the form below.

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