Comprehensive Water Line
Location Services

A Safe Choice Locators is a leading provider of water line location services in Calgary and the surrounding regions. Our expertise encompasses a wide array of projects, from intricate construction sites and expansive rural areas to residential communities and critical roadway infrastructures. Leveraging advanced locating technology, we ensure the accurate detection and mapping of underground water lines, thereby safeguarding your projects against potential water-related issues.

Tailored Services for Varied Projects

Our proficiency in water line location is adaptable to diverse project requirements, ensuring your project’s integrity and continuity. Below we share a list of the type of project we supply gas line location services to:

Construction Sites

The complexity of construction sites demands precise water line location to prevent accidental damages and ensure the safety of the site. Our specialized services cater to the construction industry’s needs, providing essential support for seamless project execution.

Rural Developments

Rural development projects benefit from our expertise, particularly given the challenges posed by less documented utility networks and varied terrains. Our team skillfully navigates these challenges, delivering accurate water line locates to support rural infrastructure and development.

Residential Areas

For homeowners undertaking renovations or landscaping projects, our residential water line location services are invaluable. We help you identify the precise location of water lines, minimizing the risk of damage and ensuring the safety of your property.


Accurate water line location is vital for roadway projects to avoid disruptions and ensure public safety. Our services are integral to roadway expansions, maintenance, and repairs, providing crucial information for infrastructure planning and development.

Image of A Safe Choice Locators team laying down water lines in a dug trench.

Key Advice for Water Line Safety

Managing water line safety effectively requires awareness and proactive measures. Consider these tips if you’re concerned about water line safety on your project:

Immediate Consultation

If there’s potential for water line interference or if you suspect an issue, it’s critical to consult with professional utility locators without delay. This can prevent water damage and project delays.

Engage Experts

Water line locating necessitates specialized knowledge and equipment. By choosing A Safe Choice Locators, you’re ensuring that your water lines are accurately identified, reducing the risk of costly damages.

Be Observant

Signs of water line issues might include unexplained moisture or water pooling on your property. Stay vigilant and seek professional advice if you notice these signs.

Emphasize Safety

Professional water line locating is essential for maintaining safety during excavation and construction activities, protecting both your project and underground water infrastructure.

Comply with Regulations

Ensure your project adheres to local regulations and secures the necessary permits before excavation. Professional locators can provide guidance on compliance and safety standards.

Partner with A Safe Choice Locators

For dependable water line location services in Calgary and beyond, A Safe Choice Locators is your ideal partner. Our commitment to accuracy, safety, and customer satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for projects requiring precise water line detection.

Expert marking water lines using equipment.

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