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Location Services

A Safe Choice Locators is your trusted partner in Calgary and surrounding areas for precise gas line location services. Specializing in identifying and mapping underground gas lines, we support a broad range of projects including construction sites, rural developments, residential neighborhoods, and roadway infrastructures. Our commitment to using the latest technology and best practices ensures the safety and efficiency of your projects.

Flagged site indicating presence of gas lines for locating purposes

Specialized Services for Diverse Projects

Our expertise in gas line location extends to various types of projects, each with its unique requirements and challenges. Here is a list of the following sites we provide gas line location services to:

Construction Sites

In the fast-paced environment of construction, accurately locating gas lines is critical to prevent potential hazards and ensure project continuity. We provide comprehensive gas line location services for construction projects, mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Rural Developments

Rural projects often face the challenge of less documented and diverse terrains. Our team is adept at navigating these complexities, offering precise gas line locating services to ensure the safety and success of rural development initiatives.

Residential Areas

Whether you’re planning a home renovation or installing new outdoor features, knowing the location of gas lines is essential. We offer detailed gas line locating services for residential areas, helping homeowners and contractors avoid potential dangers and damages.


For roadway projects, including expansions, upgrades, and repairs, our gas line location services are indispensable. We ensure that all gas lines are accurately identified, minimizing disruptions and enhancing safety during infrastructure projects.

Essential Tips for Gas Line Safety

If you’re concerned about gas line safety on your property or project site, consider the following advice:

Prompt Action

If you suspect a gas line issue or are planning excavation activities, it’s crucial to consult with professional utility locators immediately. Early detection can prevent hazardous situations.

Professional Expertise

Gas line locating requires specific skills and equipment. Engaging professionals like A Safe Choice Locators guarantees accurate and safe identification of underground gas lines.

Safety Signs

Be vigilant for signs of gas line problems, such as unusual gas odors, hissing sounds near gas lines, or unexplained dead vegetation, which could indicate a leak.

Prioritize Safety

Hiring professional locators ensures that gas lines are properly marked, significantly reducing the risk of gas leaks or explosions during your project.

Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to local laws and obtaining necessary permits is critical before starting any digging or construction work. Professional locators can help navigate these legal requirements, ensuring your project’s compliance.

Choose A Safe Choice Locators for Your Gas Line Locating Needs

For reliable and accurate gas line locating services in Calgary and beyond, turn to A Safe Choice Locators. Our dedication to safety, precision, and customer satisfaction positions us as the go-to experts for any project requiring underground gas line detection.

Image of an underground gas line with a concrete cut

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